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A new feature here at the OUT Front is a daily news update of stories from the around the gay web.

Quebec City Mosque Gunman Was Right-Wing Troll, Trump Fan – Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, has been IDed as the suspect who walked into a Quebec City mosque Sunday and shot 25 people, killing six. Via Boy Culture Blog

Report: Man Sues Grindr After Alleged Attempted Rape, Murder – A New York man is suing the gay dating app Grindr, claiming it’s being run recklessly. The man alleges a date harassed him and impersonated him on the app; and claims someone tried rape and murder him in 2015. Via Edge Media

REPORT: Anti-LGBT Executive Order Is Coming Soon – An executive order from President Donald Trump opening up discrimination against the LGBTQ community on the basis of religious belief is expected sometime this week. Via Joe My God

The SAG Awards: 100% Against Trump & His Muslim Ban – Check out all the fiery speeches from the SAG Awards, in which almost none of the winners avoided taking a pointed jab at Trump’s outrageous Muslim ban. Via Boy Culture

“Heartbeats” by #MelvinDixon Work out. Ten laps. Chin ups. Look good. Steam room. Dress warm. Call home. Fresh air. Eat right. Rest well Sweetheart. Safe sex. Sore throat. Long flu. Hard nodes. Beware. Test blood. Count cells. Reds thin. Whites low. Dress warm. Eat well. Short breath. Fatigue. Night sweats. Dry cough. Loose stools. Weight loss. Get mad. Fight back. Call home. Rest well. Don’t cry. Take charge. No sex. Eat right. Call home. Talk slow. Chin up. No air. Arms wide. Nodes hard Cough dry. Hold on. Mouth wide. Drink this. Breathe in. Breathe out. No air. Breathe in. Breathe in. No air. Black out. White rooms. Head hot. Feet cold. No work. Eat right. CAT scan. Chin up. Breathe in. Breathe out. No air. No air. Thin blood. Sore lungs. Mouth dry. Mind gone. Six months? Three weeks? Can’t eat. No air. Today? Tonight? It waits. For me. Sweet heart. Don’t stop. Breathe in. Breathe out. #whatisrememberedlives #theaidsmemorial #aidsmemorial #neverforget #endaids

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Via Kenneth in the (212): Check out this poem and the moving, virtual AIDS quilt that the accompanying Instagram is becoming.

GOP Lawmaker Shot Behind Adult Entertainment Store, Was Carrying Thousands In Storm Relief Funds – A GOP Georgia state representative is said to be recovering from a gunshot wound following a violent altercation that took place behind an “adult entertainment store.” Via Instinct Mag

 CDC Abruptly Cancels LGBT Youth Health Summit After Trump Is Elected President – After the election of Donald Trump as president the Centers for Disease Control has abruptly and indefinitely cancelled planning for an LGBT youth health summit. Via Back2Stonewall

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