Mission Statement

the OUT Front

Our mission:

Inform readers of the latest LGBT news and commentary, related to civil rights, equality, and all threats to them by the regressively conservative new administration, its Evangelical allies, and the purveyors of hate, who have been emboldened in America.

Empower readers to step up and step out against hate, discrimination, and bullying, as well as its enablers, by providing information for LGBT actions, demonstrations, activist organization, and resources to strengthen and give hope to our Community.

Entertain readers with a wide variety of LGBT pop culture, humor, history, and eye candy, to bring a smile, lift the spirit, and inspire pride when days get dark and our detractors tear us down.

We recognize the LGBT Community as a brilliant, vibrantly diverse one. Therefore, it would be impossible for one blog to be all things to all people, and more foolish to try.  Readers inspired to create a blog reflecting their own unique facet of our Community are encouraged to contact us.  We would be proud to help you get started and link together!

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