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Show Your “True Colors” in ASL: VIDEOS

Cyndi Lauper’s #1 double Platinum rendition of “True Colors,” while not written by her, has inspired her since she recorded it in 1986.  An instant anthem of Pride for our Community, Lauper has often said in interviews how the song resonated with her after friend, Gregory Natal, died of AIDS. “True Colors” has been covered many times by numerous artists including in 2012 Canada’s “Artists Against Bulling” whose version served as the inspiration for their Deaf LGBTQ counterparts’ stunning American Sign Language music video.


The Deaf Community is a vibrantly diverse, creative, and socially passionate group, who have been fighting for their rights, community, and even their own language for a century longer than the LGBTQ.  When we think about the diversity of our Community and talk about inclusivity, it’s most often with regard to sexuality and gender identity. Rarely do we focus on the disabled/differently abled like the Deaf.  There are few of us, straight or LGBTQ, who know ASL and are able to sign with them. Well, it’s time we did something about that! While you can’t learn ASL overnight, you can learn a few signs and phrases to share our Community’s Pride.

“Nyle DiMarco and Chella Man teach us the essentials of queer vocabulary in American Sign Language (ASL), and the variety of ways to communicate.”


See a hot Deaf person at Pride and wanna take your shot?  Then you better learn how to flirt in ASL.


Here’s another very handsome…er um handy phrase from Nyle.


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