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“September” — Changing the Mind of Pretenders: VIDEOS

To a world filled with so much anger and angst, hate and violence, destruction and despair, theOUTfront is sending musical joy and love to all with an Earth Wind & Fire classic groove cuz it’s the 21st of “September!”



Earth Wind & Fire’s founder, Maurice White passed away in 2016, but his vision for the group and its music is timeless and as important now as it was then.  From,

“From my youngest days, I always felt certain affinities with the idea of being a preacher,” said bandleader Maurice White.

“Being joyful and positive was the whole objective of our group. Our goal was to reach all the people and to keep a universal atmosphere. All of our songs had that positive energy. To create uplifting music was the objective.”

Amen, brother Maurice!

Read the full article via HERE!

(screen capture)

How bout some more?

In this 2017 “revision” by The Reflex aka extended remix all elements are kept 100 and pure EW&F.

“The Reflex Revision is a remix entirely done from the original multitrack or stems, no sound or instrument added unless specified.”

From the comment section:

“It’s 3 am and I just danced to this so hard in my underwear. I forgot to close the curtains so I think some of my neighbors witnessed me at my greatest form. I don’t even care. This is too gooooood”

Been there done that!  And there’s always room for creativity and play as with this Phats & Small Remix… wait for it


By focusing on positivity and joy, we can spread it to others in need of it;

and with love — change the mind of pretenders.


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