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WATCH: Randy Rainbow Call Out the Women of the GQP in “Gurl You’re A Karen”

Thanks to the party formerly known as Republican going full on GQP and the white nationalist antics of many of its member, the 117th Congress has become a “little house of horrors.”  As such, Randy Rainbow has drawn inspiration for his latest satirical song parody lambasting the loathsome behavior of Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene in, ‘Gurl You’re A Karen.”

Instead of going downtown to the gutters of skid row, he’s gone up to Capitol Hill and the MAGA cesspool to flushed out the bottom feeders of democracy.  One hopes Randy Rainbow has brought along a hungry Audrey 2.

Then again it’s doubtful he would eat anyone as rancid and repulsive as those two.  Even a carnivorous plant bent on world destruction must have some taste.

Still we can hope they both end up somewhere that’s green… like a cemetery.


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