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Make Your Voice Heard and Vote with Pride

Five months from today on November 5th, America will decide if it wants to remain free and pluralistic democracy or surrender to convicted felon Donald Trump and his MAGA cult to live under his autocracy.  For the LGBTQ Community the outcome could not be more dire.

Earlier this year, the felonious candidate for President gave a speech at the National Religious Broadcasters conference  saying he would restore Christian preachers to power in American culture.  “If I get in, you’re going to be using that power at a level that you’ve never used before.”

One need only look at what Evangelical Christians and republicans have done to women’s rights since the Dobbs decision overturning Roe V Wade two years ago to get a glimpse of what they’d do to LGBTQ people if they took power.  What’s more, they like women – they HATE the LGBTQ Community.  Now imagine what they’d do to our civil rights, lives, and families.  It would make pre-Stonewall era life  look like paradise.

Case in point, from The Randy Report, Texas Republicans have stated that LGBTQ people are “abnormal” in their party’s platform and plan to strip away our protections and civil rights.  Read Randy Slovacek’s full article, “2024 Texas GOP Platform: No “Special Status” For ‘Abnormal Homosexuals.’” 


But you have the power, the voice, and the vote to make a difference in November.  The LGBTQ vote has the ability to change the outcome, but we need to show up and make our voices heard.  This election will ultimately be decided by less than 100K votes in key battleground states.  When convict Trump was elected in 2016 our vote could have stopped that from happening.

 1 in 5 LGBTQ+ Adults is not Registered to Vote

There are 342M people in the US and 7.2 percent identify as LGBTQ or 24.6M people.  If 20% of them are not registered to vote that’s 4.9M of us who could vote and help us stop Christian National, anti-LGBTQ, authoritarianism from taking power.  You can do something about that and there are organizations here to help and guide you.

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“Drag Out The Vote™ is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works with drag performers to promote participation in democracy

We educate and register voters at drag events online and offline, by organizing local and national voter activations. Led by fierce drag artists across the nation, we advocate for increased voter access and engagement.”

Learn more, donate, and take the 2024 Voter Pledge at


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Launched in 2018, When We All Vote is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is on a mission to increase participation in every election and close the race and age voting gap by changing the culture around voting, harnessing grassroots energy, and through strategic partnerships.

Register to vote and volunteer to help register others at

There’s no denying that there are still issues of discrimination and inequality in America, and feeling frustrated or upset that more hasn’t been done since President Biden took office is understandable.  Other people feel that too, but a second Trump administration would mean a rolling back of all the achievements and advances we have made since the Stonewall Uprising in 1969.  This is not the election to sit out or protest vote.  Anything but a vote for democracy this year, will make the LGBTQ+ Community one step closer to being outlawed and erased.

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