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Proud Out Loud! – PRIDE 2024

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

By definition, pride is “a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or consciousness of one’s own dignity.”  What’s more worthy of celebration than pride in our Community’s achievements which inspires us, the families we have created, or the love at its heart that binds us together?


Every Pride Month comes with the dynamic of balancing the joy of our accomplishments with fighting the injustices and inequities that still exist.  Whether in activism, celebration, or both, our Community must remind anyone who would repeal our rights, push us back, or silence our voices that we have stood together, moved forward as one for 55 years, and we will not go back again.

Seeing our happiness enrages the haters.  It negates their core belief that if you’re not straight, your life is miserably unhappy.  All the more reason to be Proud Out Loud!

We’ll never know for certain who threw the first punch or first brick on June 28, 1969, but we do know everyone showed up and fought back together.  We have survived and thrived in the face of overwhelming injustice, brutality, and hate because we came together in unity.  If diversity is our strength, then unity – the ability of the entire spectrum of our community to come together as one, is our superpower.

We said, “Enough!” and fought back in 1969; in the 1980’s we said “ACTUP! Fight Back!! Fight AIDS!!!.” Today’s wave of conservative, religious hate and oppression will hear our voices fighting and moving forward as one Community, Proud Out Loud!

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As is our annual tradition, we’ll also be featuring a special Pride Month series on Twitter of LGBTQ+ writers, icons, and activists who words continue to inspire us, especially now with their being banned in schools, libraries, and bookstores.

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To kick off Pride 2024 in a spirit of joy and empowerment, we want to share on of the great Pride anthems “I Am What I Am.”  For more than forty years, Jerry Herman’s groundbreaking and Tony Award winning music and lyrics from La Cage aux Folles have inspired our Community the world over to be proud of who they are and who they love.  This dance remix video featuring Tony Award winner, J. Harrison Ghee is sure to put the mood to be Proud Out Loud!

Happy Pride from theOUTfront!


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