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Interview: Veteran Madonna Remixer Lukesavant

The Randy Report podcast chats with Lukesavant of Madonna Remixers United.

Lukesavant has just released his new terrific new collection of remixes consisting of the entire Madonna album, “Confessions On A Dance Floor.”

Who doesn’t love a great remix? And the surest way to fill the dance floor at a gay nightclub is throw down some Madonna. So, I’m thrilled to have Lukesavant here to chat on a whole world of music I enjoy – but, admittedly don’t know much about how it’s created and the forces behind it.

Lukesavant has spent nearly 20 years remixing Madonna’s music. In fact, he heads up a group known as Madonna Remixers United which is the internet’s #1 source for underground/unofficial Madonna remixes and remix videos.

The group’s Facebook page is liked by 280,000+ people and followed by another 270,000+ fans.

As the Owner/Admin of Madonna Remixers United, Lukesavant has successfully produced all of the Madonna Project Remix series, his solo Madonna Retrofit series and what is currently his last huge remix concept, Madonna Anthology.

Lukesavant is remixing only fully Madonna albums presently. When that is complete, he will retire. Unless Madonna releases new albums, then he will remix the new albums only.

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Because the music isn’t sold, only streamed, and it’s created under a Creative Commons license, I’ll be free to share some of Channings’ work with you today as we talk about the hows and whys of remixing, why the gays love Madonna and more.

For more information about Lukesavant and the group, head over to the official website

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