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Earth Day 2022 – See the Forest for the Trees: VIDEOS

Last year theOUTfront flipped the script for marking Earth Day.  Instead of focusing on the pollution, rising sea temperatures and the dire predictions for the water covering 70% of the surface on our planet, we celebrated the wonders of our oceans.

“Refresh Yourself in the Wonders of Our Oceans on Earth Day 2021: VIDEOS”


We made that choice to remind us all of the extraordinary beauty that’s at stake if we don’t take action and make changes to blunt the climate change crisis.  For 2022, we turn from the wonders of the oceans to the grandeur of the land, specifically the majesty of our trees and forests.

Covering 20% of the land, forests and trees are home to 80% of all species on the planet.  Called the “Earth’s lungs,” they play vital role in filtering the air we breathe and cooling the planet, but our connection to the forest goes much deeper.


The beauty of our global forests is breathtaking is a vivid reminder of our rich biodiversity.



“Forests worldwide support vast ecosystems, with many species completely reliant on them for their survival. Forests are also extremely important to humanity, providing health benefits, income, food, and more. Despite all the benefits forests provide, they have been disappearing at alarming rates for far too long.

Worldwide forest cover shrinks by an average of 4.7 million hectares per year.

Reforestation is an effective method to fight against climate change while also maintaining the many benefits forests provide.”

Read their full Reforestation Fact Sheet HERE 

The Canopy Project is a reforestation effort started by in 2010 which has planted over 10M trees around the world for as little as $1 per tree.

To learn more about The Canopy Project, see their Reforestation Map, and help plant trees in the canopy, click the link below!



Don’t ever think you can’t make difference in a climate change issues like reforestation.  Look what one person accomplished in his country.


We live in troubled times in a troubled world, but the beauty of the forest is calming, the solemn strength of its trees grounds us, and their green leaves restore our hope.  If you can’t get to out the woods in person, please enjoy these few minutes of serenity on Earth Day.


Learn more about Earth Day every day HERE


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