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“Last Christmas” remembering George Michael

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since music icon George Michael’s sudden and untimely passing.   The recording superstar whose career spanned three decades and sold over 100M albums of course began as the 80’s duo WHAM!

One of their earliest hits was 1984’s “Last Christmas” which sold 1.4M copies.  WHAM! donated proceeds from the single to the famine relief effort in Ethiopia.


Back in the day singles had an “A sides” and lesser “B sides” but the release of “Last Christmas” was a “Double A single” with “Everything She Wants.”


In both songs/videos George Michael is pining about the woman in his life.  Sadly it would be 14 year before he was able to live his true gay self and publicly love the way millions of gay men loved him and his music.


Rest in Peace, George

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