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When it comes to Anti-Gay, the NCAA Don’t Play!

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has given the “great” state of North Carolina an ultimatum. Repeal its anti-LGBT and transgender ‘bathroom bill,’ aka HB2 or lose NCAA sporting events until 2022.

North Carolina could now lose 133 championship-level events, like “March Madness” tournaments its institutions are currently bidding for the next six years if the state doesn’t repeal the discriminatory law by April 18, 2017.  According to,

“As the state knows, next week our various sports committees will begin making championships site selections for 2018-2022,” the NCAA said in a statement.

“Once the sites are selected … those decisions are final.”  The selections will be announced by the NCAA on 18 April.

“Absent any change in the law, our position remains the same regarding hosting current or future events in the state,” the statement added.

The North Carolina Sporting Association earlier this year warned that the state was “on the brink of losing all NCAA Championship events for six consecutive years”, over HB2.

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