Trump Appoints Anti-LGBT Activist to head “Office of Civil Rights”

The Trump Administration has become famously known for appointing the most incompetent and unqualified people to head its government’s departments:

Rex Tillerson, no government or diplomatic experience as Sec of State

Jeff Sessions, a racist from Alabama (redundant?) as Attorney General

Betsy DeVos, a nitwit who never attended a public school as Sec of Education

Rick Perry, who wanted to abolish the department he couldn’t remember as Sec of Energy

Sean Spicer, who failed “show n’ tell” in school as Press Secretary

Roger Severino, Heritage Foundation

So it should come as no surprise, but thoroughly outrageous none the less, that this week, Trump appointed vehemently anti-LGBT activist, Roger Severino to lead the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights (OCR) whose work he has actively opposed in the past.  According to an article from,

“In his previous role as Director of the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society for the Heritage Foundation, Severino spoke out against the civil rights protections he will now be tasked with upholding and supported the wholesale repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

“I could not think of a more dangerous person to head up the Office of Civil Rights at HHS,” said JoDee Winterhof, senior vice president of policy and political affairs at the Human Rights Campaign. “Mr. Severino takes pride in being a stark opponent of the LGBTQ community and has made it clear that his number one priority is to vilify and degrade us.”

Severino’s appointment continues a trend of Trump appointing leaders in agencies and offices whose very existence they have opposed, stoking fears that the placements are intended to destroy the agencies from within.”

Read the full article here

Watch Roger Severino in action in this interview


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