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Our America, One Nation Under Hate: VIDEO

Endless volumes will fill library shelves and thousands of petabytes will be used in describing the lies, corruption, damage, and chaos of the 45th Presidency of the United States, and yet it can simply be summed up in one word.


Hate for truth and facts; Hate for the rule of law and justice; Hate for equality; Hate for free speech; Hate for women, people of color, LGBT+ people, foreigners, non-Christians, anyone not perfectly healthy.  The list is endless.

But worst of all, is “the highest office in the land,” “the leader of the free world,” the person sworn to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” has embraced, embolden, and given new life to hate in America.  He has done it in ways unimaginable for a POTUS and they have had unthinkable consequences like the plot to kidnap and execute Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer.

The Trump takeover of the Republican Party has gone so far as to adopt a platform at its 2020 Convention “refuting the legitimacy of the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify hate groups.” The GOP calls America’s foremost hate group watchdog, a “far-left… radical organization, and that the federal government should not view this organization as a legitimate foundation” because it lists organizations which actively support Donald Trump  like the Anti-LGBT, Family Research Council, the anti-immigrant, Federation for American Immigration Reform, QAnon, and OANN.

ABC Nightline has been airing a special series, “Turning Point” which looks at this pivotal moment for social, racial, justice reckoning in our nation.  This episode on the resurgence of the white power movement and its effect beyond race alone is eye opening.



In as much as Love Is Love; never forget, Hate is Hate.

Most hate groups are in fact Christian organizations ie the KKK and if they hate one, they hate many.  What’s more, there are many Evangelical organizations on SPLC’s list of Hate Groups.  Their support of Donald Trump and Mike Pence is no accident and absolutely backlash for all the progress our Community made under President Obama and not unexpected.  We posted about the expected hate to come in retaliation and much to our chagrin, it’s proven accurate.  We’ve reposted the articles below.

“America, the Hateful”


“America, the Hateful — part II”


The Southern Poverty Law Center recently launched its first original podcast, Sounds Like Hate.

“To help people understand the threat this radicalization poses and the impact it’s having on America society, the Southern Poverty Law Center launched its first original podcast, Sounds Like Hate, in August. The audio documentary series, produced and hosted by award-winning journalists/producers/filmmakers Geraldine Moriba and Jamila Paksima, explores the dangerous realities of hate in modern America and the ways people have escaped the far-right extremist movement.”

“In Season 1 of Sounds Like Hate, Moriba and Paksima present three compelling and very different episodes, divided into 40-minute parts, that shed light on national tensions surrounding race, discrimination and hate. Through their vivid storytelling, listeners enter the worlds of people grappling with the effects of hate and extremism, taking a deep dive into the realities of how it functions, how it spreads, who is affected and what people are doing about it.”

The podcast is available at and your podcast app of choice.


(Main image: video still)

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