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WATCH: RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens “Drag Out The Vote™” on ‘The Daily Show’ Okurrr!

“It’s time for us — for we the people — to come together. And make no mistake, united we can and will overcome this season of darkness in America.” 

This was the message of presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s impassioned acceptance speech Thursday night closing out the Democratic Party’s Convention. Throughout the week, politicians, celebrities, and everyday Americans, not only voiced their enthusiastic support for the newly minted Biden Harris ticket, but urgently repeated the message, “Go Vote!”

But if you want to know about uniting people to overcome in a season of darkness, ask a drag queen. For the last fifty years, they’ve been there, done that; then marched in the damn parade wearing stilettos to tell you bout it ok? OK!


In 2020 instead of “God Save the Queens,”  it’s “Drag save America” with their voter participation organization, “Drag Out The Vote™.  The Daily Show’s Dulce Sloan spoke to drag queen activists Brita Filter, Jaida Essence Hall, Jackie Cox and Heidi N Closet about getting people excited to vote through their nonpartisan initiative and about becoming a “Drag Ambassador.”




Serving voter realness.
“Drag Out The Vote™’s mission is to educate, register, and turn out voters with the art and activism of drag.”

Follow Drag Out The Vote on Twitter @DragOutTheVote Instagram  @DragOutTheVote and Facebook @DragOutTheVote

And on their YouTube Channel 


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