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WATCH: Chris Hayes and Stephen Colbert Breakdown “The J6 Hearings” Season Finale

When the January 6th Committee announced its televised hearings would begin in June the political junkies and pundits alike thought it was a colossal mistake to be airing something of such historical import in the summer.  What has transpired has been the equivalent of a “summer box office blockbuster” with one witness after another singing like they’re in competition for “song of the summer.”  The J6 Hearings have been the penultimate must-see reality TV show complete with an unexpected revelation.  What was expected to the final episode contained the three most tantalizing words in the television lexicon,

To be continued…

This would all be a fun in the sun guilty pleasure, if not for the fact these hearings are about one of the most horrific, despicable, and on-going episodes in American history.  The January 6th insurrection, as the Committee is revealing was not only premeditated but coordinated across departments of Government, white nationalist terror organizations, the Republican party nationwide and the 45th President of the United States.

After last night’s ‘J6 Season Finale,” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes went crosstown to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for Colbert’s live post-hearing show to give his own recap and insights on J6 S1s8.


No one ever expects Congressional Hearings to get a laugh, especially not ones about a deadly insurrection that came within feet of murdering the Vice-President and toppling our democracy, but last night? When J6 dragged Sen. Josh Hawley, you could hear a collective ROFLMAO from sea to shining sea in America!


In the last segment, they discuss an issue that’s been on my mind too.  While it was a smart decision to have virtually all the witnesses be Republican and or former Trump loyalists, and I admire the strength and courage it takes for them to testify considering the threats and blowback from the MAGA cult; these are still people who worked for and enabled TFG to commit four years of crimes and atrocities, including a catastrophic COVID response.   How does one reconcile heroic actions now with working for an evil administration?


Waning or not, there must be accountability and justice for all who participated in this failed insurrection and time will tell.  As Sunny Hostin pointed out on The View, Merrick Garland is an expert in white nationalist terrorism.  He prosecuted both the Unabomber and the Oklahoma City bombers and he did it without any leaks in the investigations.  His conviction rate on those cases is 100%.


“Abraham Lincoln who twenty-three years before the Civil wars said, “If destruction be out lot, we ourselves must be its author and its finisher.”  Donald Trump was the author and we the people, for ourselves and posterity should not let Donald Trump be the finisher.”

Rep. Elaine Luria

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