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Gay Short Film, ‘The Unsure Masseur’ Lives Life Hands On: VIDEO

During the summer, film goers become obsessed with the “box office blockbusters,” which are usually more hype and high-powered adrenaline rushes than heart.  To really beat the heat, it’s good when you can find relief in the oasis of a gay short film which provides a quick and fulfilling story like The Unsure Masseur. 

Written and directed by Reid Waterer, The Unsure Masseur stars Jae Kim and Kevin Grant Spencer in a slice of gay life story about happy endings (pun intended).  Kim is Spencer’s client who himself is considering being a masseur but in reality, is seeking his hands on advice in many ways.  What could easily become sappy and gay campy that would make any summer romcom seem plausible, Waterer’s writing and both Kim and Spencer’s performances play with a breezy authenticity that’s refreshing.

But is there a happy ending?


For more short films by Reid Waterer follow his YouTube channel



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