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The Kilted Coaches demonstrate “6 exercises you should Never No in a Kilt” VIDEO and SPECIAL OFFER!

If you’re gay, do them ANYWAY

TheOUTfront loves these “cheeky” lads from Scotland because they know their audience and how to get a gay man to workout.

The Kilted Coaches’ latest video “Six Exercises You Shouldn’t do in a Kilt”  (says who???) just may be our favorite yet.

It’s got the Hs.  Hot, Hair, and Hilarious!


(We’d let the Kilted Coaches spot us lifting any day of the week that ends in Y)

And now… A Special Offer from the Kilted Coaches

We just saw this post on Facebook and wanted to pass it along to theOUTfront readers.

“As a precursor to our Calendar coming out next year we have made a three month tester for the rest of 2017. If you would like to receive these high res JPEG calendars we will accept any donation big or small via PayPal using We’ll get your email straight off your payment notification to send them over.”

Become part of the Kilted Coaches Community via their WEBSITE!

Follow them on Twitter @kiltedcoaches on Facebook

And on Instagram

(Photo credit: All images via Kilted Coaches Instagram)

“Look how big it gets!”

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