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10 Things Gay Men Can Love about Football

Ya ready for some football?

Does the kick-off of football season leave you looking at that black mess on players cheekbones and wondering why they keep buying eyeliner and massacre at the dollar store? Do you think the difference between a fullback, halfback; and quarterback is a Buy-One-Get-One half off sale? 

Then theOUTfront is here to show you the gayer points of America’s secular religion.


Team locker rooms


Dat ass! (especially when bent over)

Tailgating What gay man doesn’t enjoy getting his lips around a good sausage or having a tossed salad before the “big game?”

Whether touch or tackle, when you score you WIN!

Debating who the hottest players are. (that is no short list but here are a few of our favorites)

(photo credit: JJ Watt via Twitter)
(photo credit: Julian Edelman)
(photo credit: PER BERNAL via Men’s Fitness)

When played well, both football and sex are full contact sports that leave you sweaty, sore, and out of breath.

Fantasy Football — As in what NFL players do we “fantasize” are gay?

Super Bowl (halftime) Parties

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