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Sounds of Pride: Why We “Believe” in Cher

Few artists rise to such iconic stardom they simply go by one name, and it usually requires the love and devotion of the Gay Community.  One of those select artists is the uncompromising, outspoken, and timeless Cher. 

(video still)

Her strength over adversity and tenacity through hardship has fueled her passionate creativity as an artist.  Cher is role model in her love and support for her transgender son, Chas and for always being true and authentic to oneself.  She has given generations of LGBTQ people countless songs to dance to, including her mega-dance hit “Believe.”


If there is one person who doesn’t need to “turn back time,” it’s Cher as is evident from her Billboard Music Awards performance when she still rocked that leather and lace outfit. #YouGoGirl


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