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Sounds of Pride: Madonna a “Ray of Light” in our Darkness

As the plague of AIDS took hold in the early 1980s, perhaps it is more than divine coincidence Madonna arrived like a force of nature to balance the terrifying unknown.  Overnight she captured the imagination of our Community with her music, style, and ability for reinvention.  Madonna became a welcome escape from the nightmare of conservative government, virulent religious homophobia, and hatred. 

Apparently, some things never change, and remind us the garden of freedom and democracy requires constant tending lest it become over grown by weeds and infested with snakes.  In 2018, our Community and country may be gardening in the darkness; but we must remember to keep looking for the ray of light.


Bonus Video: #Cowboys

Giddy Up!  Giddy On!  Giddy Off!

Double Bonus Video #Music

(Main photo credit: video still)

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