Sounds of Pride: Billboard’s Top Ten, June 28, 1969

When the sun rose over Stonewall in New York City 49 years ago today, it illuminated the smoke and debris which filled the streets of Greenwich Village.  They were the signs of revolution and conception of our Community. 

The patrons who had gathered inside Stonewall had been dancing to music on the jukebox.   Village denizens who rushed to the scene of the raid had been listening to music on their radios.  The “Stonewall Girls’” music taunted police and encouraged our Community to never look back.

Perhaps the only thing more diverse than the Community forged that night, and on the three additional nights, is the astonishingly eclectic nature of the “Top Ten Singles” playing that week.  The diversity of genres is arguably unlike any other time, and profoundly telling of the zeitgeist of America from which our Community was born.

From The Beatles to Broadway, orchestral to rock, and Elvis to Marvin, there was music for in the Top Ten for everyone.  The Week of June 28, 1969 was literally a musical rainbow for all to enjoy.

Stonewall Bar 1969 – Disturbance at Sheridan Square, NYC. Scenes at Christopher St. and 7th Ave. South with police trying to clear crowds. Pictured, Stonewall Inn which was raided one day last week. July 2, 1969
  1. Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet — Henry Mancini And His Orchestra
  1. Bad Moon Rising — Creedence Clearwater Revival
  1. Get Back — The Beatles With Billy Preston
  1. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby — Marvin Gaye
  1. One — Three Dog Night
  1. Spinning Wheel — Blood, Sweat & Tears
  1. In The Ghetto — Elvis Presley
  1. Good Morning Starshine (“Hair”) — Oliver
  1. Israelites == Desmond Dekker & The Aces
  1. Grazing In The Grass — The Friends Of Distinction

Top Ten list courtesy of  Read the full Hot 100 HERE

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