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Save the Date with Warwick Rower’s SEXY 2018 Calendar

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when sexy men all over the world start “releasing” new calendars and make us look forward to the “coming” year.  Even better than barely clad male physiques, provocatively poses and the occasion VPL, is when their efforts are for the greater good and support worthwhile causes like fighting homophobia.


Such is the case with the 2018 calendar and multitude of collateral merchandise from the UK’s Warwick Rowers.  Since 2009 these lads have been stripping down for their annual calendar to support Sport Allies.  From their website,

What is Sport Allies?

Sport Allies is a registered charity (char reg no 1169945)  funded by 10% of profits all Warwick Rowers products. The charity grew out of the success of the Warwick Rowers calendar, and the response of many people across the spectrum to our “straight allies against homophobia” message.

Our aims

The role of Sport Allies is to promote sport, and especially team sport, as an inclusive and supportive route to personal growth for everyone. We are particularly keen to promote team sport for people who are excluded on the grounds of gender or sexuality.

Learn more about their efforts HERE

As in the past, the Warwick Rower’s calendar and merchandise is being produced via CrowdFunder which means discounts on all their calendars (both digital and wall), prints, photobooks, videos, and (wait for it…) Warwick Rowers Onsie.*

*Rower not included

Shop all the Warwick Rower CrowdFunder Discounts HERE  (limited time offer)

Hungry yet?

When do they find time to practice?

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(all blog post images courtesy of Warwick Rowers website)

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