Olivia’s Walk For Wellness Continues Her Love & Legacy

On Sunday, October 9, thousands of Australians in Melbourne will take part in “Olivia’s Walk for Wellness’ bringing love and light to those with cancer and honor the legacy of global superstar Olivia Newton-John, who came to the end of her cancer journey at the age of 73 on August 8, 2022. The annual walk raises funds for the Olivia Newton-John Wellness Center she helped build and cared for so deeply.

For years Olivia worked tirelessly to help raise over $200  million for the Center to be built. And once it opened, Olivia continued to help fund the very special programs the Wellness Center – art & music therapy, oncology massage, gentle yoga, medical acupuncture, and more.

From the very beginning Olivia wanted the centre to be different — focused on wellness programs that can bring positivity to those facing cancer. This is because Olivia herself found wellness programs crucial to her journey and she wanted everyone to have access to the same support she found so helpful.

By taking part in Olivia’s Walk for Wellness you’re ensuring patients at the ONJ Centre have access to world-class treatments and expert specialists. Olivia found these programs crucial to her journey and wanted everyone to have access. By walking you’re helping make that dream a reality.

In addition to the walk in Melbourne, folks all over the world are doing “virtual walks” to raise funds for these important programs.

Olivia's Walk for Wellness 2018
Wellness Walk 2018

My husband, Michael Caprio, worked with Olivia for over 20 years as her publicist. Over those years, Olivia made us part of her family.

When I went through my own cancer journey in 2009, Olivia would email, text, or call nearly every day to check in on me. She also recommended therapies like meditation and more to help make the journey easier.

Asking readers to please consider donating to Olivia's Walk for Wellness this year
Me with Olivia and Michael

This is the first year of Olivia’s Walk for Wellness without Olivia in attendance. But Michael has set up a page for donations to the Center here to help raise funds. I do believe in these programs AND in honoring Olivia’s legacy. The website is open for several more days and any amount would be appreciated.

For clarity, there’s a pull-down menu on Michael’s donation page for you contribute in whatever currency you want. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

In 2019, the year of the last Wellness Walk (due to the pandemic), while Michael was down under with Olivia, I held my own private ‘wellness walk’ here in Las Vegas. Kinda sorta…

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