Stephen Colbert’s plea to Congress, “Be heroes and do Anything”

It’s been less than 16 months since the massacre of 49 people and 58 were wounded in Orlando at Pulse nightclub until the slaughter of 59 people and the wounding of 527 more in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Music Festival by gun violence.

These were not radical uprisings or hate mongers engaged in violent protest, but Americans of every race, creed, and gender gathered in communities listening and dancing to music.  These should be safe place, much like a baseball practice field on a summer morning, free from bullets tearing apart life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Stephen Colbert made this passionate and heartfelt plea to Congress to “do anything” and to Trump for whom he certainly has no love lost, “to be the transformative President he says he wants to be…”


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