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Randy Rainbow’s “Seasons of Trump” gives POTUS the Grand Finale he Deserves

As the White House skeleton crew begs for guests to attend tomorrow’s sendoff with their “+ five” as their dear leader slinks off into the Everglades, Randy Rainbow has been preparing his own fitting farewell.  Safe to say, Randy Rainbow has made the shit show of the last four years a lot more tolerable and given us plenty of laughter when we needed it most.  What would we have done without him?

And what would he have done without him?

His fabulous finale to the POS Presidency is as much a retrospective of his own greatest moments as it is a final finger to his most egregious monsters and scandals.  See how many of his characters you and spot and place from which song parody.

From the forth coming musical RANT (we can do it too!) this is Randy Rainbow’s “s “Seasons of Trump.”


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