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Student Dancers team up with Sia saying “Enough!” to Gun Violence:: VIDEO

After a week of unprecedented domestic terrorism targeting progressive opponents and critics of Donald Trump, our nation is now coping with a horrific outbreak of American’s gun violence epidemic.  Making the massacre even more sickening is that it was a hate crime targeting Jewish people worshiping at their synagogue on the Sabbath.  The worst attack of its kind in American history.

Eleven people died, and six others were injured by a white supremacist with an AR-15. The same kind of military assault rifle used to kill 17 in Parkland, 58 in Las Vegas, 49 in Orlando, 26 in Sandy Hook, and the list goes on.  This kind of senseless human slaughter in America has got to stop and 130 students of the National Dance Institute are joining forces with serious star power and saying “Enough!”

ABCNews Nightline recently followed the creative process and journey these student artists and their mega-watt mentors took to create their moving new music video.


And now without further ado here is “Enough!”

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