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North Carolina Governor vows to Restore Full LGBTQ Rights

If there is one thing we’re sick of this year, it’s hateful, dangerous, and unlawful executive orders being issued at an unprecedented rated.   Now comes word of a new executive order that’s about insuring equality and justice.  North Carolina Gov. Roy cooper (D) has vowed to issue an executive to increase protections for it LGBTQ citizens after nearly 18 months of HB2 legalized discrimination in the state.  According to,

“I’m going to issue an executive order pretty soon that is comprehensive, that helps with LGBT protections and we’re going to keep working every day,” he said during the Center for American Progress’ Ideas Conference. Cooper’s office told HuffPost they could not immediately give additional details about the order.

On Tuesday, Cooper said he wanted a clean repeal without a compromise but didn’t think it would be feasible, since North Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature operates under the Hastert Rule. That means one has to have the majority of one’s own party to get anything considered on the floor. “

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper  REUTERS/Jonathan Drake

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