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On “Love People Day,” the Music of ‘Playing For Change’ Inspires and Unites Us: VIDEO PLAYLIST

After last night’s Presidential debate, anyone on the outside looking in must wonder if there is any united left in the state of America.  Widely derided as unpresidential and disgraceful by both candidates, the nation needed to see a vision of hope. It wanted to hear solutions that will heal the people’s pain in a time of overwhelming sickness and death, economic crisis, and their demand for social justice.

Instead it got chaos; moreover, again the POTUS declined to emphatically denounce white supremacists rather putting them on “standby.”

The aftermath is shocking.  It’s unfathomable, It’s demoralizing.

At times like these we can remind ourselves “what” we’re fighting for: democracy, racial justice, civil rights, equality, women’s health, etc.: Those are great and noble goals because we are fighting against hate.  Maybe we also need to remind ourselves we’re fighting for love.



Admittedly, love sounds too idealistic, simplistic, maybe even silly. But it’s very easy to forget what that better world, that more just world, that more equal and more loving world looks like.  Not to mention the power a united world has to create.

On National Love People Day, what better way to refresh ourselves than with music which has the power to touch, unite, and inspire all people; and what better example of this than musicians of Playing For Change.

Founded in 2002, Playing For Change released its first album, “Songs from Around the World,” featuring 100 musicians from 21 countries, ten years ago.

From its liner notes,

“For seven years our small film crew traveled the world with recording equipment and cameras in search of inspiration — we traveled from streets and subways to native Indian reservations, through African towns and villages, up to the Himalayan Mountains and beyond. Throughout the journey we created a movement connecting the world through music. This album is a collective statement from over 100 musicians spanning five countries. Many of them have never met in person, but through their different cultures, these songs demonstrate a profound human connection and willingness to unite. Through music we can understand our differences and create a better world.”

Our fight is good and righteous but let us focus, not on defeating the hate but winning the love.  Perhaps that’s what Dr. King meant when he said,


We’ve curated these incredible Playing For Change videos and hope they lift you up and inspire you with love to keep getting into “good trouble” and fighting for the legacy of the “Notorious RGB.”






If music be the food of Love, play on!

– Shakespeare


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