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LGBTQ Short Film, ‘Read Between the Lines’ Is A Story We All Share: VIDEO

Remember way back when, when you were a newbie LGBTQ and a M.E.S.S., especially if it came to asking someone out, someone really hot?  We’ve all been there and gone through it.

Thankfully our best friend had our backs …or put their foot in our backside when we really needed it.

But now we’re able to look back and smile at ourselves and our awkwardness.

Written and directed by Adante Watts, Read Between the Lines is a new LGBTQ short film that’s poignant, funny, and an all too familiar story which resonates with authenticity.  In it, Watts captures the emotional maelstrom of desire and fear which every heart has felt.



Read Between the Lines

Written & Directed By: Adante Watts https://www.instagram.com/director.in…

Carlos – Nicholas Di Prima https://www.instagram.com/nicdiprima

Amari – Zephaniah Terry https://www.instagram.com/zephaniahterry

Milo – Jackson Beard https://www.instagram.com/jackson__beard

Alex – Bayley Wolff https://www.instagram.com/prettyflackojr



Images courtesy of IMDB

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