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John Oliver’s favorite Hamster is more useful than Trump: VIDEO

As the late-night comedy show’s sign off before going on hiatus during the Coronavirus National Emergency, leave it to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to do it with his particular brand of Emmy and Peabody Award winning flare.

Oliver’s show not only went audience free per CDC and New State mandates but went no frills in a blank “offsite” location because of  two cases of covid-19 having shutdown infected facilities at CBS Studios where it’s usually recorded.  Still that didn’t stop or even slow the snarky comedian from brandishing his smart razor-sharp insight and wit on the week’s rapidly changing events.


One of the great things about John Oliver’s sense of humor is his ability to find the utter absurdity of a situation (pathetically or tragically absurd, though it may be) and then top it with the most hilariously absurd on point example he can find.  When is comes to Americans dealing with coronavirus he found a hamster that is far and away more useful than the President.

That a rodent, albeit an adorable one is more useful in a time of crisis than our own President, is to quote the POS er um… POTUS, “SAD!”

Just see for yourself

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