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International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

International Holocaust Memorial Day comes just three weeks to the day after the United States Capitol was ransacked by a violent mob of insurrectionists bent on overthrowing our government.  They came wearing and bearing the flags and symbols of antisemitism, racism and hate bent on executing members of Congress who stood in the way of their white nationalism.

(Courtesy of The Times of Israel)


They called themselves “patriots;” except actual patriots are people like those in World War II who defeated fascism and liberated Auschwitz on January 27, 1945 who believed all people are created equal.

The Gallows of Auschwitz via National Geographic


One of the groups leading the sedition was the Proud Boys who are frequently seen wearing shirts with “6MWNE” above their logo; it stands for “6 Million Were Not Enough.”

The Proud Boys at December 23, 2020 “Stop the Steal” demonstration in Washington DC

If they are so proud why do they cover and hide their faces?  If they are fighting for America, are they not fighting for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which guarantees the Freedom of Religion?  But they come from a cult of lying and denying where facts have “alternatives” and history isn’t taught.

According to USA Today,

“Only 11 states require Holocaust history to be taught at schools. That may be part of the reason why a 2018 survey showed 66% of millennials could not identify the notorious Auschwitz – where 1.1 million people died, the vast majority of them Jewish – and 22% could not confirm having heard of the Holocaust.  Significant gaps in Holocaust knowledge have been revealed by surveys in other countries as well.”

“For the dead and the living,
We must bear witness.”
– Elie Wiesel

International Holocaust Memorial Day has never been so important in since its inception in 2006 than it is today, and the words Never Forget so ominously foreboding.

“I come from a people that gave the ten commandments to the world. Let us agree that we need three more, and they are these: thou shalt not be a perpetrator; thou shalt not be a victim; and thou shalt never, but never, be a bystander.”

-Yehuda Bauer, Academic Advisor to יָד וַשֵׁם Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center 



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