Attitude’s “Man of the Year” Nyle DiMarco with his snake

His stunning looks first caught our attention in 2015 as winner of “America’s Next Top Model.” In 2016, being deaf didn’t stop him from becoming the upset winner of “Dancing with the Stars.”  This year, Nyle DiMarco has been named, “Man of the Year” by Attitude magazine.

And for that he had to pose naked with a very large snake (what would have had to pose with if he lost?)

From his interview in Attitude,

“I have to admit I’m a little nervous about the snake but I think it’s going to be OK.  Hopefully, it won’t constrict me or crush my neck or anything.”

Especially the anything parts, Nyle.

“I don’t mind being naked.  My mum always told me that the body is art, we had nude photographs around the house so I was used to seeing that.”

We don’t mind you being naked either!

But Nyle wasn’t named “Man of the Year” because he’s a pretty face on a fantastic furry body.  It’s because of his exceptional work as an advocate for the Deaf community and the LGBT+ community for which he has taken a surprising amount of grief because of his “sexual fluidity.”  Again from his interview,

“I think that if we could all focus on that long-term goal… ending oppression or stigma, and when we end stigma I think we’re all going to be in a much better place… I’m privileged to be able to change perceptions people have of both the worlds I live in.”

Read Nyle DiMarco’s full interview in the current issue of Attitude.

2017 Virgin Holidays Attitude Awards Winners

Legacy Award – Diana, Princess of Wales
Legend Award, supported by Virgin Holidays – Kylie Minogue
Sport Awards – Greg Louganis
Icon Award – Erasure
Hero Award – Nigel Owens
Culture Award – Everybody’s Talking About Jamie
Honorary Gay Award – Amanda Holden
Film Award – Moonlight
Music Award, powered by Jaguar – Charli XCX
Man of the Year, supported by Virgin Holidays – Nyle DiMarco
Comedy Award – Matt Lucas
Inspiration Award, powered by Jaguar – Laverne Cox

(All Photos: Photography by Yu Tsai courtesy of Attitude)

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