How Actual Fake News Corrupts Twitter and Facebook

It wasn’t long ago when someone said something outlandish and when asked how they knew it; they got laughed at for saying, “I read it on the internet.” 

Hoaxes and misinformation on the internet were as common as drag queens at a Fire Island cookout.  Everyone knew better than to believe just about any story they read online; but not anymore.  Today people take what they read on the internet, and especially on social media, as gospel truth brought down the mountain by Moses himself.

What’s more, actual fake news, (as opposed to facts/truth reported by bona fide journalistic sources, but contrary to Trump’s “ministry of propaganda”) has become big business.  It’s being run by unconscionable people and not just by foreign agents but Americans too. In a startling report by “60 Minutes,” Steve Pelley uncovers how easy it is and how these con-artist profiteers are hijacking social media with fake news.

“How Fake News becomes a Popular, Trending Topic”


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