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Gay Dreams come true in New Fairy Tale

We all grew up with the classic fairy tales where the girl gets her prince and they “live happily ever after.”  Hoping to find our prince, many of us have spent a lifetime kissing frogs only to be disappointed.  But what if someone literally rewrote the book and the boy found his prince?

Dreams are coming true in the new children’s book, Promised Land by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris.  Their book is dedicated to those most affected by the Pulse Nightclub massacre that killed 49 people last June because of who they loved, looked like and were friends with.  According to the,

“A powerful new children’s book is telling the story of a farm boy and prince who meet, build a friendship and eventually fall in love in the face of adversity. 

“The [kinds of media] we consume as kids and young adults form our attitudes towards those around us,” Harris told The Huffington Post. “Most importantly, they influence our attitudes towards ourselves. If you don’t see yourself in stories, you don’t see yourself in the world and I believe that lack of visibility creates the kind of ‘otherness’ we often experience as LGBTQ+ people. If we can be heroes in stories, we’re seen more positively in the real world.”

Read the full story via the Huffington Post

Visit Promised Land here!

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