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First it was Bathrooms, now North Carolina is Banning Books

Just when you thought North Carolina couldn’t possibly become any more of a “Hate State” with its HB2 anti-LGTB law, they’ve started banning books in schools!

If you were given three guesses you might guess 1) a science text book teaching “EVILolution” or the “Big Bang” theory 2) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for using the “N-word” or 3) a history book teaching the Civil War was about ending slavery not a “War of Northern Aggression” destroying “the glory of the Ol’ South.”

But you’d be wrong.  It’s children’s book called Jacob’s New Dress, teaching a message of love and acceptance and to reject bullying of a child who is different.


According to,

“It was set to be read in all first-grade classrooms in Charlotte Mecklenburg, but county authorities have bowed to conservative demands that the book be banned for endangering “traditional family values.”

Republicans in the state General Assembly played a role in barring a book which they see as promoting the simple idea that it’s acceptable to be trans or to accept others if they are trans.

In response to this decision, Sarah Hoffman, who wrote the book with her husband Ian, told the Charlotte Observer: “The idea that a book can turn someone gay or transgender is bizarre to us.

“Reading a book can’t turn you gay. If a white kid reads a book about Martin Luther King Jr., will they become black?

“This book is about a little boy who wears a dress, something outside of traditional gender roles, much like the idea of a girl wearing pants was 100 years ago.”

Read the full story via PinkNEWS here

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