FOLLOW UP: Gay Couple Fighting COVID19 is Separated for Two Months

By Lawrence Pfeil Jr.

At the end of March, as the COVID19 pandemic began to spread and our Community clearly wasn’t taking it seriously, we posted a “wake-up call.”

“If Pornhub Gives a F*ck about the Coronavirus Maybe You Should Too: Here’s Why” 

Since then we’ve updated/ posted horrifying stories about gay men attending a “Rhona Rave” in NYC thrown by a gay porn star and DJ; Aaron Schock and his crew of InstaGays living their best pandemic in Cabo; and thousands of Fire Island queens on The Fourth of July who celebrated irresponsibility, stupidity, and the pursuit of infection.  All the more incomprehensible, these covidiots bragged about their exploits on social media.


I’m fully aware straight people are equally as bad; you only need look at the biker rally in South Dakota, but much of that is sadly political.  They are hopelessly lost.  My concern is for our Community and those who still don’t get it, don’t care, and can hurt the rest of us who do.

We are only seven months into this pandemic and while there are glimmers of hope months down the road, America has had the worst response to COVID19 of any country with 169K deaths as of today.  Infection rates and mortality counts are easy numbers to grasp but as the saying goes, “One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.”  What so many fail to grasp or refuse to  is the suffering of covid19, how it will affect them, their friends and those they love.   Coronavirus can have long term debilitating effects requiring months of rehab and in some cases cause permanent damage.


video still: Aaron Giuseffi and husband, Raul Pero

As part of our original post, we included a Nightline report about a young, healthy, gay couple, Aaron Giuseffi and husband, Raul Pero who had become infected and hospitalized.  At that time, Raul has just begun treatment and Aaron was not allowed to visit, unable to get regular updates and didn’t know if/when his husband would be able to get off his ventilator.

video still: Raul rehabbing in Hospital

Raul spent 30 days on a ventilator, almost two months in the hospital, and lost 50 pounds.  That’s only part of their story; Nightline followed up with them and another couple who are still fighting the effects of Covid19.



“Look — this is America. Be a patriot. Protect your fellow citizens. Step up.”  – Joe Biden

(video still)

“That’s what real leadership looks like.”Kamala Harris


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