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Welcome to the OUT Front…

Welcome to

the OUT Front

Inspired by the Gay Liberation Front of 1969, which sought to build on the momentum for Gay Rights immediately following the Stonewall riots, and Harvey Milk’s 1978 speech in which he said, “you have to give them hope,”  “The OUT Front” is a dynamic response to the catastrophic election of 2016.  

The Trump Administration, its homophobic and racist appointees, and a Republican controlled Congress, promise not only to be anti-gay, but set LGBT civil rights, equality, and families back decades.  Our Community must be present and ready for what is to come.

“The OUT Front” wants to be a proverbial “candle in the darkness” for what surely lies ahead.

  • We will celebrate the love, pride, and joy of being gay, of being OUT.
  • When power tries to deny and marginalize us, we will be a place of solidarity, hope, and community.
  • Instead of reacting to hate and regressive discrimination, we will be out front, waiting to meet it head on.

In the weeks and months ahead, we look forward to readers getting to know us here and on social media.  We have many empowering, insightful, and entertaining features instore and are eager to get to know our readers too.  If you have suggestions of what you’d like to see; like what you see already; or don’t but have an idea how we can improve, please let us know. (you’d probably do that without us asking but still… lol)

Finally and maybe most importantly,

If you are a LGBT organization and want to link; are planning an action/demonstration and want to be listed; or provide resources to our Community, send us your information and we’ll proudly display it!

We want you as part of the OUT Front.

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