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UPDATED: If Pornhub Gives a F*ck about the Coronavirus Maybe You Should Too: Here’s Why

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

“Save yourself children!” – Billy Porter

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread not only in breath to every corner of America but in density of cases, heeding Billy Porter’s proclamation of personal responsibility and self-protection has become even more urgent and timely.  On February 25th there were 57 cases in US and today there are 1.92M+ cases with 109,811 fatalities making the United States the global epicenter.

Here in New York, the epicenter of the country, the first case was reported March 1st; there are now 376K+ cases and 30,280 deaths as of today.  (theOUTfront will be updating statistics daily) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, “New York is the canary in the coalmine for the rest of the country.”

That’s why it’s so disturbing to read stories like this one via The Randy Report  from (The diary was written by a New Yorker making it all more mind blowing.)

Coronavirus Diaries: The Guys Are Wild on Grindr Right Now 

Just the other day Randy Slovacek reported on this story out of Spain, one of the global coronavirus hotzones.

“8 Men Arrested For Cocaine-Fueled Orgy During COVID-19 Lockdown” 

A year ago, an acquaintance was telling me about his good friend who is very sexually active and was diagnosed with a STI.  When his doctor told him he needed to get treated, he said, “Can it wait?  I don’t want to ruin my trip to the White Party in Palm Springs.”

“The problem is, God gave man a brain and a penis and only enough blood to run one at a time.”
– Robin Williams

Truer words were never spoke, especially about gay men.  A quick check of gay hookup sites shows while they’ve posted warns, are discouraging in person contact, and have shut down sex party postings, there is still plenty of activity “looking for now.”  What does it take to get through to gay men???  Social distancing, self-isolation, self-sacrifice and personal responsibility for the greater good, can’t wait!


video still: Aaron Giuseffi and husband, 39 y,o, Raul Pero

In the US 20% of coronavirus cases are in people between 20 and 44 years old, like Aaron Giuseffi and his husband Raul Pero.  Pero is currently in the ICU with covid-19, but his husband can’t visit him in the hospital.  Their story was featured on ABCNews Nightline episode, “The Outliers.”



We are all part of a Community and many in it work as health care professionals. These dedicates people are on the frontline fighting coronavirus with inadequate medical supplies but are still caring for those who are sick and are dying.  In New York City one of our own, Kious Jordan Kelly became the first nurse to die of coronavirus.  Again from The Randy Report

Kious Jordan Kelly (image via Mount Sinai Hospital)

Gay Man Becomes First Nurse To Die From Coronavirus In NYC

Earlier this week Pornhub made headlines (no pun intended) when it donated 50,000 masks to NYC health care professionals and EMS.  It also donated money to buy medical supplies in Europe; a sex workers relief fund; and changed fee agreements with performers who will now take home 85% of their earnings.

via website

Of greatest interest may be their announced that Premium Service is now FREE for one month, no credit card required as is usually the case (not that we’d know about that).  Porn sites are sure to see an enormous rise in revenue during the coronavirus pandemic. To see one take this kind of social responsibility and social messaging across its platform should tell gay men something about how they need to change their behavior for the time being.

“Make Someone Fappy!”  – Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

Again, from personal experience I know gay men are pretty damn good at sex and the exceptional ones can be very creative too.  Back in the day, when people first started talking about “safe sex” etc. there wasn’t the technology there is today.  Now there’s an endless array of virtual and streaming options in addition to movies. You can live stream in a video chat room with more buddies than you can shake a dick… er um stick at!

Coronavirus is not forever.  Social Distance, so we’ll all live to fuck another day.



POST UPDATE:  A horrifying story this week about selfish, repugnant gay men attending what has become known as a  “Rhona Rave” in NYC, the epicenter of the pandemic, and even worse bragging about it on social media.



Read the full report from the NY POST,  “Gay Porn Star Slammed For Allegedly Partying During Coronavirus Lockdown”

“Don’t risk my life because you don’t care about yours, and I’ll do the same for the people who care about you.” 
– Pandemic Proverb


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