Fierce Glitter Bomb justice served on Porch Pirates: VIRAL VIDEO

Since America started shopping online the scourge of Porch Piracy during the holidays has gone from being petty theft to organized crime rings trailing deliver trucks and scouring streets packages left unattended.  It’s costing businesses millions in lost revenue and consumers time, aggravation and disappointment when their gifts are stolen.

One Grinch targeted the wrong Who in Whoville when he jacked a packed off the porch of Mark Rober, former NASA engineer and man with a gift for creatively serving up justice.  With the help of a couple of friends Rober designed and booby-trapped packages for unsuspecting thieves that would explode in a shimmering glitter bomb when opened!

But wait there’s more!

That’s letting the thief off too easy, he also included a secondary blast of FART SPRAY.

And what good is all this hard work if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor?  This “evil” genius included not one, not two, but four cameras and wired them to send the video of the perpetrator’s reaction remotely.  Check and mate!

In less the two days Mark Robers Glitter Bomb justice vide has more than 7.7M views and you can see why for yourself.


Follow all of Mark Rober’s brilliant (He is a NASA engineer afterall!) antics on his YouTube Channel HERE 

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