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Why Every LGBTQ Vote Doesn’t Just Matter — It’s Crucial  

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

Last June when SCOTUS handed down its Dobbs Decision, reversing 50 years of a woman’s right to choose under Roe v Wade, it was shocking, horrifying, and repugnant, especially considering the arcane legal precedent cited, a precedent that included burning witches. The one thing it should not have been to anyone is surprising.

This decision was written on the wall the day Justice Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in.  Also written on the wall, more accurately in a concurring opinion to the Dobbs decision, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that the justices “should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including GriswoldLawrence, and Obergefell” —cases about contraception, sodomy laws, and marriage equality.

In other words, these are cases about Americans’ fundamental privacy, due process, and equal protection, rights which our Community fought to secure, which Thomas signaled to conservative law makers to bring before SCOTUS so they can reverse the progress we’ve gained.  What’s more, Republicans in Congress are wasting no time in laying out exactly what they play to do if they take control in January.  Last week, they introduced a Federal “Don’t Say Gay” Bill that is more pervasive, intrusive, and censoring than Florida’s state law as explained in this article in from The Randy Report.

“House Republicans Introduce Federal ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill”


Early voting has already begun in several states, and many more later this week, which will determine control of the House and its Speaker, the Senate as well as State Houses, Mayors, and School Boards all of whom have the power to make decisions about the future of LGBTQ people, families, and our Community.  Every one of us has to vote in this election – better yet bring along a friend, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and/or hook up(s) to the polls with us.

If you’re “so over” hearing “this is the most important election of our lives…”

Our enemies are not “over” trying to control us, more to the point, erase our history, our rights, and our lives from the American Dream.


If you’re not voting because “nothing gets done” for us or the candidates “don’t identify as us…”

Our enemies will do so much to us if they win, you won’t have an identity anymore.


If you’re transgender or nonbinary and afraid you’ll experience voter intimidation…

Our enemies did that to you and they will do so much more if we let them win.





We can make a difference in this election because we have made a difference before.  We are a strong voting block when we come together and go to the polls.

“Equality voters nationwide, but especially in Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Georgia, have the power to make history and swing elections, as proven by the record number of LGBTQ+ candidates who won federal, state, and local races in 2020. We are in unprecedented times, with threats to the lives and livelihoods of LGBTQ+ people growing by the day. It’s why we must make every effort to set pro-equality candidates on a path to victory.” -Jennifer Pike Bailey, HRC’s Deputy Director of Government Affairs

(via HRC website)

There are many organizations already primed and working to get our Community mobilized to vote, to the polls, and to support anyone experiencing voter intimidation because of their identity.

Every June we plan, organize, and come together as one to march as a Community during Pride Month — we can do it to the polls with just as much enthusiasm and activism on November 8th.  Here’s how and starting now!

Pledge to Vote


Plan Your Vote



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Drag Out The Vote 



Gender ID Voter Support

Vote With Pride


Someone’s Always Got Your Back


When We All Vote 


“As the midterm elections approach, the stakes have never been higher for LGBTQ people. This year has seen over 250 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced to state legislatures, with many targeting transgender people and children.”


(main image via HRC website)

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