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White House Silences Government Media

Trump’s preoccupation with “size” continue.  So much so, he ordered the shutdown of the National Park Service’s twitter account  This was in response to the NPS re-tweeting a comparison of Obama’s record setting inaugural crowd, est. 1.8M, (left) to Trump’s, est. 250K, (right) crowd yesterday.

Click here to see what the White House had to say!

The ironic yet darkly foreboding nature of this action is lost on no one.

Additionally, David M Jackson of USA TODAY reports, Trump went on yet another tirade against the media today at CIA Headquarters in front of the memorial for fallen agents.

“Trump said that, contrary to news reports, the crowd for his inaugural address was ‘packed’ and  ‘went all the way back to the Washington Monument’ — a claim belied by aerial photos.”

“The president said ‘my crowd was larger than what the dishonest media showed,’ and he claimed a million and a half people attended, though few people beyond Trump supporters put the number so high.”


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