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WATCH: The Kilted Coaches go LIVE in the Woods

We admit it.  We’re crushing hard on the Kilted Coaches. 

Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields are just the kind of furry beasts you want to meet in the woods.  This week they went to woods for a live online interactive Q and A with their “Clan” on “Diet or Exercise – What’s more important for weight loss?”

While the exchange was informative and entertaining, it was the scenery that stole the show.  And we don’t mean the trees.  #ManPelt


The Kilted Coaches are not only about improving the outward appearance but also the inner well-being of their “Clan” with videos like “Stand Tall, Be Proud – Strengthen Your Armour.”  Here’s how it’s described.

“Stand Tall, Be Proud. We are all guilty sometimes of hiding behind false armour. Whether it be baggy clothes, make-up or even a false persona. Drop the false armour and start to strengthen the real – the skin you were born with. Stand tall and be proud of who you are.”

Stephen and Rab definitely know how to get their message across.

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