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Are You Profiting from Gun Violence and Don’t Know It?

Millions are taking to the streets and literally marching for their lives from Washington DC to Washington State and in 840 other “sibling marches” around the world demanding substantive action on gun reform in America.

What does it say that people in countries like Great Britain, Japan, and Australia, countries with virtually no gun violence, have to stand up for America’s kids and tell our own leaders what needs to be done? Maybe because they know sensible gun control works and saves lives. In America, all you need is a Concealed Carry Weapon permit and you can own a gun (you can learn more by reading this guide by

Sadly, they are addressing elected leaders who care more about “gun money” than the lives of 33K American men, women, and children killed by guns every year. According to ABC News, in the past 15 years, the NRA has spent $132M on donations to and ads supporting and/or opposing political candidates; $54M in the 2016 election alone.

But there’s another bloody little secret.

Sure as God made little green apples, when there’s a mass shooting in America: gun sales sky rocket, gun stocks climb and profits soar. Talk of gun control/reform and the National Rifle Association propaganda machine going into overdrive creating shock waves of fear that “Washington is comin’ fer yur Guns!” and an ecstatic buying frenzy ensues.

…and you may be profiting from gun violence and not know it.

After the Pulse nightclub massacre, Gays Against Guns (GAG) formed in New York City as an anti-gun violence direct action group. One of their first targets was the investment firm BlackRock which in 2016 held “about 3.1% of Smith and Wesson, and 6.7% of Sturm Ruger” stock. Other investment firms trading in gun stocks include Vanguard, Dimensional Fund, and The London Company. So if you’re thinking you no longer want to be trading in stocks that could promote gun violence, start looking at websites like

Gays Against Guns demonstration outside BlackRock investment NYC (Video still)

Why do investment firms trade in gun stocks? Simple, they’re consistently profitable. According to

“Gun stocks have a tendency to spike around mass shootings, as investors bet that threats of further gun control increase sales in the near term. And since President Barack Obama assumed office in 2009, both stocks have risen even faster than Apple.”

Read the full article via HERE

What’s truly sickening is how BlackRock package their death stocks in a fun lifestyle category called “leisure products.”

(Image courtesy of the Guardian)


“In the report the firm states: “The leisure products industry, which is how firearms manufacturers are categorized, contributed meaningfully to index performance… “This company was singing the praises of its gun stocks in its annual report, that’s amoral, it’s wrong…”

Read the full article via HERE

Bottom line: If you have investments through an investment firm, you may well be a gun owner profiting from soaring gun sales every time there’s a mass shooting.

In the weeks following the Parkland school massacre major corporations cut ties with the NRA. Now it’s time for individuals to get their own house in order by holding their financial advisors and investment firms accountable. It’s time to choose lives over profits and demand investment firms divest from gun manufactures like Smith and Wesson, Sturm Ruger, and all the others.

(video still)

Your vote talks every couple of years, but your money talks every day!.

Ask if your investment firm holds gun stocks and demand they divest or change firms. Ask if there are gun stocks buried in their “leisure products” too and drop the gun stocks. If you want to choose for yourself where your investment money goes, you can head to a site like SoFi to conduct your online stock trading so that you can make your own moral judgments when it comes to your financial decisions. You will need to do your own thorough research into this field to make sure you are putting your money into stocks you can fully trust morally and that have the same ideologies. Finding the Beste App für Aktien (best apps for stocks) from websites like can help facilitate this.

Refuse to profit off the senseless death, mutilation, and suffering of tens of thousands of people every year.

Gun Money = Blood Money

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