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WATCH: Stephen Colbert interviews José Andrés and Ron Howard about ‘We Feed People,’ the Superhero Movie of Epic Portions

As Hollywood has become obsessed with superhero movies, the world has become more terrorized and controlled by actual evil villains every day.  The death, destruction and absolute disregard for humanity and our planet is of little concern to those in their senses quest for supremacy, wealth, and power.  The 21st century has literally begun to sound like the plot of a comic book but it’s all too real.

Unfortunately, mutated and otherworldly heroes with powers beyond belief are all fictional.  Yet there are some who do swoop in the most desperate places and do their best to save the day or at least give people hope for the next.  Founded by Chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen and its legions of volunteers around the world are doing just that.  They are “Superheroes” feeding people hope one plate at a time and now the origin story of these “souperheroes” is being told in the new documentary, We Feed People by director, Ron Howard.

Last night, José Andrés and Ron Howard sat down with Stephen Colbert to talk about the film which comes out May 27th on Disney+ and as always José Andrés imparted words of great insight and wisdom with an inspiring mantra.


“Everybody in America has a talent that if you look within.  You can put that talent to bring hope to others.  We can all be part not only of feeding America and feeding the world but believing in longer tables not higher walls.” – José Andrés

Trailer for We Feed People premiering May 27th on Disney+


Learn more about World Central Kitchen and/or support their humanitarian efforts


“Believe in longer tables, not higher walls”

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