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Trump Administration Deletes an Entire Generation of LGBTs

What AIDS and Ronald Reagan failed to do to a generation of LGBT Americans, Donald Trump and his Administration of vehemently homophobic Cabinet Secretaries seem Hell bent on finishing.

Aggressively anti-gay Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price

“…has eliminated questions about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, people from two critical surveys. The administration is already rolling back data collection on LGBT people who receive certain federal programs, making it impossible to assess whether key programs for seniors and people with disabilities are meeting the needs of LGBT Americans.”

This is according to a report out today from the Center for American Progress.

Given Trump’s proposed budget released last week with its draconian cuts to services to the most vulnerable Americans like “Meals on Wheels,” after school education, and affordable housing, it’s not surprising Trump is gunning for LGBTs too.

“The Trump administration is also targeting LGBT individuals with disabilities, removing questions on LGBT identities from the Annual Program Performance Report for Centers for Independent Living… Available research suggests that LGBT people, especially LGBT older adults, face significant barriers to accessibility services. For this reason, it is particularly concerning that HHS is abdicating its responsibility to ensure the programs it funds equitably serve LGBT people with disabilities.

Federal data collection on LGBT people is already scarce, but rolling back collection on crucial safety net programs is particularly disturbing. LGBT people experience overt and systematic discrimination across all areas of life—from education to housing, healthcare, employment, and the public square.”

Read the full report here

photo credit: SAGE NYC Pride 2016

This generation of the LGBT Community has earned and deserves our respect, support, and protection for all they have fought for and achieved for us!


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