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The ‘I Pee with LGBT’ Campaign Fights the Texas Transphobic Bathroom Bill

A simple yet effective way to get a very important message through. The time is NOW that we all stand together, straight and L, G, B, and T united against these discriminatory bills being proposed.

Unicorn Booty reports,

“The ACLU of Texas and Legacy Community Heath have launched a campaign called “I Pee with LGBT” to fight the state’s transphobic bathroom bill, which would ban trans people from using the restroom that fits their gender identity. As part of their campaign, they produced a short ad called “Taking a Seat, Making a Stand.”

The short ad urges people to pee next to members of the queer community and worry about more important things than where people use the bathroom.

Texas introduced transphobic bathroom bill SB6 over a month ago. If passed, the bill would impose a fine of $1,000 or more on trans people for peeing in the “wrong” lavatory.”

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