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Celebrating Six Years Together with You

Six years ago, today on a snowy Saturday theOUTfront was launched during the growing darkness of an incoming administration which foreshadowed ominous setbacks for our Community, along with any non-white, male, Christian community.

What we couldn’t imagine was it would become a perilous  threat to the U.S. Constitution with its lasting legacy as a clear and present danger to American democracy.  We also couldn’t imagine the enormous rise in homophobia, transphobia, racist, and Anti-Semitism that it has ignited socially, politically, and in the halls of government.

In the past six years, we’ve been through a lot.

Frankly it’s hard to tell if it was darker then or if it’s darker now.  But theOUTfront is still here.  You’re still here.  Most of all, we’re still here together.

Thank You for Being Here with Us!

It’s said, “you see what you look for.” With all the darkness these days, it’s easy to see nothing but darkness and be consumed by it.  It’s harder and harder to look for the light, the joy, and our better angels; but this is precisely when we must find them and focus on them in order to keep our own candle lit if we are to keep fighting the darkness.

To that end, we’ve turned to our friends at and are sharing some of their best pictures and stories of joy to inspire your light within.

“The Lighting Under This Bridge That Makes It Look Like A Crescent-Moon In The Water”


“Stealing The Moon”


“This Nice Leaf Art (By @lito_leafart)”


“These Two Zebras Lining Up Randomly, And Perfectly”


“Lime Cross-Section”


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“It Has Been Amazing To See How AIDS Has Been Controlled, Definitely A Win For Humanity”


“A Kindergarten Classroom At Gatewood Elementary School In Minnesota Was Learning About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A Teacher Captured This Precious Moment”


“After 9 Years, I Am Me”


“After A Five-Year Wait And Three Attempts, I Finally Got Gay Married To My Gay Husband”


“My Wife And I Put Up Our Own Candidate This Year”



Read the full article: “If The World Feels Like A Terrible Place, Here Are 50 Wholesome Posts To Get You Through The Day (New Pics)” 


TheOUTfront was started to be a light in the darkness of what was to come.  If everyone decided to “light a candle rather than curse the darkness,” together we could drive out the darkness and all those who perpetuate it.

We’ll continue trying to make a difference and be a light and hope you will too.  Thank you again for six great years together!


Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

Creator of theOUTfront & Crazy Ass Queen

P.S. Please enjoy one of our favorite dancefloor tunes with a message that’s more meaningful now than ever.

(main image: “Ten Carved Crayons” via

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