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Sounds of Pride: Our voices singing Out, Tom Goss, Matt Alber & Eli Lieb

As Pride 2018 draws to close, we look to the future as a Community.  We embrace our hopes and dreams but also the challenges that lie ahead.  This has never been truer than the future we face now both as a Community and a country.  During Pride Month we celebrate the triumphs we’ve had and energize ourselves for the fights to come.  Of course there’s no better way than with our music.

Today, there are more out recording artists than ever before and the list is growing every day.  For the Finale to theOUTfront series, “Sounds of Pride” we asked our guest contributor, Randy Slovacek to curate a few of his favorite out artists for us.

        (Tom Goss, Matt Alber & Eli Lieb)

“Tom Goss, the fit, 5’5”, guitar-toting, power-pop prodigy with a national fan-base, had been wanting to celebrate the “Bear” community for some time.  Aside from his personal tastes (his husband since 2010 is a self-professed Bear), Tom wanted to showcase the diversity of the gay community in a high caliber production.”


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“Matt Alber’s ‘End of the World’ is oh-so-romantic. If you don’t know Matt’s music, he was a member of the Grammy-award winning all-male vocal ensemble Chanticleer from 1998 to 2003 before his solo career.”


Follow Matt Alber on Twitter @mattalber on Facebook  and on his website HERE 

“In July of 2013, Eli got the attention of the music world with his power pop anthem, ‘Young Love.’ Thanks to its strong pop hook and a message of living out and proud, the song and the video struck a chord with many people.  The music video for “Young Love” since garnered almost 8 million YouTube views.”


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Listen to Randy Slovacek’s recent podcast interview with Eli Lieb HERE!

TheOUTfront wishes to express our gratitude to Randy Slovacek for his truly fabulous and invaluable contributions to “Sounds of Pride.”  His generosity of time, talent, and insight has made our series more than we could have hoped and is the very definition of Community. 

If you don’t already, you owe it to yourself to read his award winning daily blog, The Randy Report, follow him on Twitter @randyslovacek ,   Facebook  and be sure to catch his weekly podcasts HERE! 

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