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Quarantine – the musical aka “Everything’s Fine” is Hilarious AF: VIDEO

Can’t remember what day it is let alone the last time you showered?

Do you believe Banana Bread should now and hence henceforth be considered an illegal substance punishable by imprisonment?

Thanks to Zoom meetings, have you learned more about the horrifying homes and disgusting lifestyles of your co-workers than you ever needed or wanted to?

Ready to lay hands on those “little no neck monsters” who at one point in your life, you needed to complete your family but now are damn luck you can’t find the receipt or they’d get returned?

Are you googling how to make toilet wine because your rack is empty and there’s a fuckin’ three-day wait for delivery?

Well now all your quarantine life anxieties, fear, and nightmares are …a musical!


Quarantine – the musical

“Everything’s Fine”

Music and Lyrics by


Concepted, Produced, Directed and Edited by



The video was created as a fundraiser for

Critical Supplies for our Healthcare Workers

Donate to their campaign HERE 

Here’s another fabulously hysterical video imagining Disney Heroes on Tinder



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