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“Q Anon,” Bat Crap Crazier than You can Imagine: WATCH

It may sound like a new hipster term for a closeted gay millennial; but in fact,“Q Anon,” is the latest conspiracy craze sweeping through Trump rallies faster than chlamydia at Fire Island sex parties. 

This is the new “super bug” of incomprehensible online theories Trumpsters are becoming addicted to like suburban soccer moms to Redlin.  But this isn’t just “birtherism” or gay frogs.

Q Anon makes those theories look totally plausible.  This is conspiracy theorists on crack!

Comedian Jim Jefferies sat down  with four Q Anon believers for an interview on his show.  Jefferies barely said a word, he just let the wack-a-doodles talk.  And it was brilliant.


If this isn’t proof that America’s education and mental health care systems are broken and ineffective, we don’t know what is.

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